How can I book accommodation?

Booking a accommodation at Sunfields Camping is very easy:

  1. Choose the accommodation you would like to rent for the festival weekend. Add everything you want to rent to your shopping cart.
  2. Pay in advance via the various payment options and receive a confirmation e-mail with your accommodation ticket.
  3. Take your ticket to Sunfields Camping and start your weekend without worries.

Can I still rent accommodation at the festival or at Sunfields Camping?

No, this is only possible in advance online.

Do I need a separate festival ticket and/or camping ticket?

Yes, everyone who books an accommodation must be in possession of a Weekend + Camping ticket. You can order this via the Sunrise Festival ticket shop.

Can several types of accommodation be placed in one order?

Yes, that’s possible! In addition, we work with a ‘pick your place’ system. So if you want to stand next to each other, you will get the option of booking your own spot four weeks before the festival (so not when booking) on the floor plan. You can then choose to book your accommodation next to each other.

Why did I not receive a confirmation e-mail?

As soon as your order has been completed and the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours which includes your accommodation ticket. Also check your unwanted e-mail/spam. If you have not yet received an e-mail, drop us a line at support@festitribe.com

Is the price per accommodation for the whole duration of the festival?

Yes, all prices mentioned on our booking page are for the whole duration of the festival.
So from Friday 28 June to Monday 1 July 2019.

PLEASE NOTE! The ticket(s) for the festival and/or the Sunfields campsite are not included in the booking price for accommodation!

Do I have to put up and break down my accommodation myself?

No, putting up and breaking down the accommodation is included in the price. All prices include VAT.

PLEASE NOTE! The ticket(s) for the festival and/or the Sunfields campsite are not included in the booking price for accommodation!

About Sunfields

Can I have my accommodation moved to a different spot at the campsite?

No, this isn’t possible.

Where at the campsite is the accommodation?

Your accommodation is set up at a ‘premium’ location on Sunfields.

The accommodations are central to the showers, toilets and the festival grounds.

On arrival you can check in at the Sunfields Camping reception. Our hosts will receive you and bring you to your accommodation. During the check-in we will check with you if everything is satisfactory.


Where can I park my car?

This is the GPS address: Beersebaan, 2275 Gierle. Turn off the GPS as soon as you start seeing Sunrise Festival signs along the road. Follow the signs to the Sunrise Festival Parking. From there you can walk easily to the festival area.

Can I call someone if I can’t find my accommodation?

Of course! A week before the festival we will send you an information e-mail with the contact information of the staff on the spot.

When can I check in?

Friday 28 June: 16:00h – 00:00h

Should I take a printed version of my accommodation ticket with me?

It can be a printed version or show it on your smartphone. The accommodation ticket is scanned at the reception of Sunfields Camping.

Where should I go upon arrival?

A few days before your trip to the Sunfields campsite you will receive a separate e-mail with extra information about your accommodation. You can check in at the reception of the Sunfields upon arrival.
Our hosts will welcome you and take you to your accommodation. During the check in we will look together with you whether everything is according to your wishes.


When can I check out?

Monday 01 July: till 12:00h

If you want to check out another time, make an appointment with the reception of the Sunfields Camping.

How can I get back my lost items?

Send a message via chat or send an e-mail to support@festitribe.com to ask whether we have found your lost items. We are not liable for losing your personal belongings.